•   10 months ago


Can a maker be the representative for two different organizations.


  • Manager   •   9 months ago

    Hey Dhruv,

    Good question. Yes, you can be as long as both orgs are eligible to participate (MPN ID, from an eligible country, etc.) and that the two submissions are unique.

    Can't wait to see what you create!


  •   •   9 months ago

    Hello....I would like to ask one important question.i already have my MPN ID.So , my question is , I'm looking team members , suitable with this contest Microsoft team .. please assist and guide me as a noob level...thanks a lot for your time...

    Regards -EasyOley

  • Manager   •   9 months ago

    Hi EasyOley,

    To participate, you'll submit on behalf of an organization (the one that you have an MPN ID for) so while we encourage teams, you would be building your team from employees of the organization for this competition or submitting as an individual.

    Hope that helps!

  •   •   7 months ago


    Our Teams app has been published on both Appsource and also on the Azure Marketplace. How can I verify my submission for the challenge is complete? I keep getting emails saying the deadline is approaching fast.

    Regards - Mike

  • Manager   •   7 months ago

    Hi Michael,

    If you entered all the required information on the submission form and reached the final stage in the submission process and clicked submit, then you should be all set. You can also verify if your project was submitted by going to your portfolio and clicking your projects — you should see an indication on your project that it was submitted to the hackathon.

    Note that you can always go back into your submission any time before the deadline just to double-check if you've entered everything properly.

    Good luck!

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