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App source submittions

According to the updates

Remember, your app must be submitted to AppSource by the deadline, but you’ll have until March 22nd to go live

Just wonder - does it mean, that project need to be submitted (and can be reviewed/accepted later) OR it must be submitted + reviewed + accepted in AppSource (visible in appsource)

I am trying to get my VPN ID verified and its extremely slow :(
Probably, app source submission/verifications will be very slow too :(

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  • Manager   •   7 months ago

    Hi Andrew!

    It means that it must be submitted by March 1st, but can get reviewed and accepted by AppSource by March 22nd. That gives you all some time to work through any publication issues.

    Side note, if you have a support ticket for an issue you've run into like getting your MPN ID review hopefully looked at a little sooner, fill in the short form here and Devpost will try to escalate for you: http://bit.ly/3dnesPO

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