•   9 months ago

Follow up on styling issues

I am trying to use Fluent UI Northstar, the styling library for Microsoft Teams, and I have had several issues with it. Unfortunately I am still waiting for answers.
I have followed the DevPost instructions and opened a ticket with DevPost, but I haven't heard back from the team.
What would be the next step?
Here are some open questions:

For the record, there are lots of unanswered styling questions on stackoverflow, not just mine:


  • Manager   •   9 months ago

    Hi Christophe,

    I'm really sorry to hear that. We shared any tickets we received at Devpost with the Microsoft team. Unfortunately, I don't have much visibility beyond that. Are you still able to submit today even with styling issues?


  •   •   9 months ago

    Thanks for the follow up. I found workarounds, and hopefully I'll meet with a Microsoft expert on Wednesday to dig into the issues.

  •   •   9 months ago

    Funny story, Microsoft cancelled the meeting, sending me the following update: "we don't have engineers with availability and skills on the requested framework." Ironic, considering that they built the framework in the first place.
    I would appreciate if you could share this information with your contacts at Microsoft. Eventually, I am hoping that I could get some help from them, making the app I built even better.

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