•   8 months ago

Incomplete testing?

Hi, I've had a test user that I think must be related to testing for this competition (@platformandfeature.onmicrosoft.com). My app works by letting you interact with existing contacts you've had chat messages with, but this user account didn't have any - so the testing user wasn't able to see the apps core features. I've set up test accounts that do have enough test data to try all the features, details were included with the submission. I'm just concerned that, if this was a judge, they are not going to have seen the full value of the application.




  • Manager   •   8 months ago

    Hi Paul!

    Not sure - but I'll let them know you shared this with us. It could be the AppSource review team.

    Thanks and good luck with the competition!

  •   •   8 months ago

    Thanks Stefanie

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