•   8 months ago

MPN application stuck in pending state

I signed up for my MPN and submitted my business details, but it came back with an "Account Verification failed" error.

I've followed the support process to add verification documents, but the ticket is stuck in an open state, haven't heard anything and there seems to be no progress being made. Starting to get a bit worried now that it won't be approved in time.

Not sure if there's anyone on the MS team that could prod it along a bit please? The ticket ID is: 2101290040000013 and my company name is: GOBIONIC LTD




  • Manager   •   8 months ago

    Hey Ed,

    I'm sorry for the trouble! I"ll follow up and see if I can get an update for you.


  •   •   7 months ago

    Hi Stef, still no update on my ticket. Would it help if I filled in the form at: https://challengepost.wufoo.com/forms/z1uj1fqx1db7jpo/ or do you already have the details you need from my original post? Any other ideas for how I could get this escalated?

  • Manager   •   7 months ago

    Hi Ed! I have your ticket saved and forwarded so you don't need to fill in the form. I'm really sorry you've haven't heard back yet :( I'll send another follow up now.

  •   •   7 months ago

    Hi Stef. My ticket has been "escalated" a couple of times, but still no update or resolution before the deadline, so when I tried to submit my app in Appsource yesterday I got an error: "Your account is not currently eligible to publish to the marketplace". :(

  •   •   6 months ago

    Hi Stef, just to let you know, my MPN application was finally accepted.

  • Manager   •   6 months ago

    !!! YES !!! Thank you for updating me :)

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